We specialize in colonoscopy examinations and cancer screening programs. There is a big difference between early detection and prevention of colon cancer. This is because there is a:

  • 15% 5-year cure rate when a colon cancer is found on colonoscopy in a patient with complaints
  • 85% 5-year cure rate when a colon cancer is found on colonoscopy in a patient without complaints
  • 100% 5-year cure rate removing a benign polyp.

At GreeneStone, we use the latest high tech video colonoscopy equipment for prevention of colon cancer. We take full advantage of the fact that all colon cancer comes from polyps (small mushroom like growths on the lining of the inside of the colon), and we remove them on the spot during the colonoscopy examination, which is completed in our clinic under light sedation, which we call “Comfortable Colonoscopy”.

Almost all our patients say that taking the laxative is worse than the procedure. We feel colonoscopy is one of the most worthwhile services we provide at our Clinic, since we now rarely see colon cancer except in new patients, or those who do not adhere to our prevention follow-up program.

True Cancer Prevention

Colonoscopy is true cancer prevention. The value of prevention in colon cancer over other internal cancers, such as breast, prostate, lung, etc. is that in colon cancer there is a precursor (i.e. a polyp) which can be removed to prevent the colon cancer from starting. In the other forms of cancer, the malignancy is already established when a growth or tumor is discovered.

Colonoscopy is the gold standard. Capsule endoscopy is good for the small bowel. Virtual colonoscopy (CT scan) is only 39% accurate in some studies, and if something is found you will need to prepare all over again for a colonoscopy.


We strongly recommend a screening colonoscopy to check for colon cancer and to treat colon polyps in order to reduce the potential for cancer.